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J. Addison School

J. Addison School

nurturing tomorrow’s thinkers

Ten Elite basketball Graduates earn University or College Scholarships.

At our school, we believe that getting students involved in areas such as sports, not only helps them discover their talents but also builds strong character and teamwork skills.  Our elite basketball team provides opportunity for students to develop a sense of discipline and dedication.  It’s all about preparing them whatever comes next and helping them find their path.

Our elite basketball program has been a huge success.  Ten of our current graduates, have received scholarships for University and College programs to study in Canada and abroad.

We’re proud of these students and excited to see what they accomplished next.

Congratulations to Courtney Smith, Heidi Smith, Mariam Coulibaly, Fatou Sane, Nadia Moore, Rosheen Antonroy, Ibrahima Sanoh, Zion Messam, Mael Keutcha Nana and Tony Ezeonu.

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