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Week 1

Instructions: Students should complete the Case Study Assignment under section 2.1d posted on the website.

Materials: Materials can be found at—the-stock-market-and-currencies.html

Week 2

Materials: All materials and instructions can be found at:—supply-and-demand.html


Option #2

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Week 1

CIA4U Instructions Please Read!

How to solve a Case Study?

Case Study Assignment

Case Study Rubric

Supply and Demand

Slave Redemption in Sudan

Week 2, 3 & 4

Economics 12 Unit 2 Part 2

Dates: March 30th – April 21st

Instructions: Complete all tasks and look for discussion posts. If you are unable to post to the discussion forums, please email your discussion posts to

Major Assessment: Complete the Superfreakonomics Essay Due April 21st.

Unit 2d | Unit 2e | Unit 2f | Unit 2g – 1 | Unit 2g – 2 | Unit 2g – 3 | Unit 2h

Supply and Demand Lesson

Super Freak Economics Assignment

Super Freak Economics Notes

Week 5


Economics Unit 2.2 Essay Extension and Work Periods

Dates: April 22nd – April 28th

Instructions: Students are to complete their Superfreakonomics Essay that is due on April 28th. They are to follow the instructions and essay writing process to complete the paper. If they have any questions they can post in the Whatsapp group or email me at

Major Assessment: Superfrekaonomics Essay Due April 28th.

Materials: All materials and instructions can be found at:—changes-in-demand-and-supply.html

Week 7

Economics Unit 2.3 Labour

Dates: April 30th – May 11th

Instructions: Students are to complete all activities on our website including watching two short films (Capitalism A Love Story and Factory City). They are then to choose 1 film to do their assignment on and complete the questions for their chosen task.

Major Assessment: Capitalism A Love Story/Factory City Questions Due May 11th.

Materials: All materials and instructions can be found at:—labour.html

Unit 2 3a | 3b | 3c | 3d | 3e |3f

Capitalism Love Story and Factory City Rubric

Capitalism Love Story Handout

Supply and Demand of Labour

Week 8 & 9

Economics Unit 2.4 Types of Economies & 2.5 Market Structures

Dates: May 13th – May 25th

Instructions: Students are to work through the tasks in the two sections of the course and make postings to the discussion the discussion board.

Major Assessment: Discussion Board Postings Due Various Dates and not evaluated.

Materials: All materials and instructions can be found at:—types-of-economies.html &—market-structures.html

Political Exam

Midterm Test


2.4 A

2.4 B

2.5 A

2.5 B