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Hi students; please find the attached materials for grade 9 Science class.

1- Power point for study

2- 6 videos for illustrations; uploaded on one drive today

3- An Assignment & a Lab Due is Friday April 3rd, 2020.

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Option #2

If you cannot access google classroom

Week 1 & 2


1- Powerpoint and videos + Textbook: Study

2- Homework: Chapter 4 review questions

3- Quiz #1 (Matter): Due Friday March 28, 2020

You can do the quiz online, or print, solve, scan/photo, then send it to me.

4- Assignment #1: Due date is Friday March 27th (solve it online, or Print, sove, scan/photo then email it to me.

PPT Lesson




1- WHMIS Symbols

2- Types of matters

3- States of matters

4- Physical and chemical properties

5- Density

Week 3


History of Atomic Theory

Nuclide Symbols_ Atomic Number, Mass Number, Ions, and Isotopes

Types of Elements

Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table Introduction

Valence Electrons and the P T

PPT Lesson


Periodic Table Colouring