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Hi Dear G10 Class;

  • Please find the materials of the 3rd week online classes; also will be uploaded on the google classroom.
  • Next Friday April 3rd, 2020, we will have online Biology unit test at 9 am – 10:15 am Canada time (If you’re outside Canada, you need to consider the time difference). The test will be audio/video (please dress properly) You need to download zoom app on your computer, the on the tst time, I will send you an email with the meeting ID and password. Make sure you wake up early with suitable time.
  • If you have any questions, please contact me.

Option #2

If you cannot access google classroom

Week 1 & 2


1- There are 4 lesson videos you will need to watch

2- Gr10 chapter 4 is a PPT Lesson for study and also for Bohr’s Rutherford notes.

3- Bohr’s Rutherford practice pdf and Bohr’s Rutherford diagram word file are for homework

4- Bohr’s Diagram quiz is an assignment due date as recorded on the file: Wed. March 25th. Students can send it to me via email or google classroom as a photo, pdf, or word.

Chp 4 PPT Lesson

Bohr Rutherford Notes

Bohr Rutherford Practice

Bohr Rutherford Diagram

Bohr Rutherford Quiz Assignment

Periodic Colouring Activity (NEW)


01 History of Atomic Theory

02 Nuclide Symbols_ Atomic Number, Mass Number, Ions, and Isotopes

03 Types of Elements

04 Periodic Table small size

* Extra 2 Periodic Table Videos are added , watch them and use the textbook, powerpoints uploaded before, then do the periodic table colouring activity (Due date is Friday March 27, 2020)

05 Periodic Table Introduction

06 Valence Electrons and the P T

Week 3

To be uploaded