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  1. I hope you’re enjoying your March break. 😊
  2. We’ll start our on-line learning on March 23.
  3. All my material will be available on my Google class-room, as usual.
  4. You’ll find a link to my interactive Microsoft whiteboard in my Google classroom. Those who have MacBook, you can access my whiteboard on your IPADS, ANDROIDS tablets and cellphones, you can post your comments and notes on my whiteboard.
  5. For those who still can’t access my whiteboard, I’ll be posting pdf copies of the same exact lessons on my electronic board. You need to read them carefully.
  6. I have a YouTube Channel. I’ll post some instructional videos whenever possible. I’ll invite you by your email once I upload a video. It’s by invitation only. Make sure you’ve received an invitation by email.
  7. ENG3U and ENG2D, Shakespeare unit has been cancelled. We’ll do the novels only.

ENG2D/ The Chrysalids. ENG3U/ The Great Gatsby. I’ll provide you with PDF copies of both novels (Google Classroom).

  1. TBD/ Our ISU interview will be rescheduled/ sometime in April.
  2. ICS3U & ICS4U, I’ll post my instructional videos on YouTube. I’ll also support you with some YouTube videos from external sources.
  3. ICS3U & ICS4U, upon giving you the task, if you’re unable to solve, message me immediately, we’ll setup a time to meet live in Google Classroom. We’ll use hangout, and Google drawing board or Jam board. You’ll help me with that. For difficult problems, we can meet live on my YouTube channel. If I need to live-stream my instructions then we’ll set an agreed-upon. When I have a live stream, I can receive your questions and answer them directly.
  4. ICS3U & ICS4U I’ll create a forum where you can post your issues and the whole class will contribute solutions. A link to the forum will be poster later.))))