J. Addison School’s success hinges on our school’s motto, “Our Students’ Success Is Our Success.” We are extremely proud of our students’ achievements, and we get great satisfaction hearing about the positive learning experiences enjoyed by our students in both the academic and social spheres of J. Addison School.

J. Addison School – Our Kids QA Roundtable 2021

applywave Boarding-Style Housing Alumni Interview — Sohaila from Egypt

Ourkids Insider Perspective – Alumni


Our Kids Insider Alumni Interview — Emmanuelle from Canada


Our Kids Insider Alumni Interview — Amir from Iran

Evan Ho Yin Tran from Hong Kong

“J. Addison School has wonderful teachers that helped me to develop essential skills such as leadership, decision making and problem solving that are important for my future studies and career. As a dorm student, I participated in many events organized by the dorm team. They did a great job by providing us with various forms of entertainment during the weekends while keeping us safe during the pandemic.”

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Nicholas from Hong Kong

“My experience in JAS was extraordinary and I would say that it is very easy to make friends here. JAS developed me into a better person mostly in the aspects of socialness, openness to different experiences and time management. JAS helped me achieve my post-secondary goals by providing a sufficient amount of support in terms of both academically and mentally, I feel that the staff of JAS has always been with me throughout this stage of life, guiding me until the end.”

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Isabella from Venezuela

“Despite the unexpected circumstances we faced due to the pandemic, my experience at J. Addison was unique and memorable. I felt warmly welcomed since the first day, and was able to build special friendships with both day and board students that I know will last forever. Being part of the basketball team helped me to build habits that will help me in my future as a professional, especially when it comes to time management. Responsibility, accountability and integrity are the values that reign within the culture of our team, and to that I account its success. Thanks to the moments I lived here, I feel prepared to embrace my future endeavors both as a student-athlete, and for that I am beyond grateful.“

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Amir from Iran

“J. Addison School was the first place I stepped into when I came to Canada and was the best place in my personal opinion. The staff of the school, were super supportive and helpful. It provided me with the opportunity to take part in a wide range of extracurricular things that I have always been dreaming about. Personally, I realized there was always room for self-improvement where I felt like I could succeed. I must commend JAS for giving students like myself the awareness and opportunity for real world experiences

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Madalyn from Canada

“My experience at J. Addison School was unforgettable. JAS has helped me reach my goal of playing Division 1 basketball through the Elite Girls’ Basketball program, which held me accountable for keeping my grades up. Also, I got to meet such a diverse group of individuals, made new friends and learned words in different languages. The friends I made at JAS are friends I will have for a lifetime and I am more than sure that I will come back to visit this amazing school in the future.”

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Kim from Jamaica

“At the tender age of fourteen, my parents made the most courageous and emotional decision to allow me to study abroad. Canada boasts one of the highest world rankings in regards to safety and education. With the support of close family members and friends in Canada, we began to search for a suitable environment considerate of a young international student. Overall, J. Addison School exhibited the greatest opportunity to harbour growth and learning in a caring and centralized environment. J. Addison’s teachers readily became my nurturers and pillars of support. The staff members were passionate and every meticulous decision they made contributed a role in better developing my future, both in personality and educational advancement. Additionally, small classroom settings were optimal in facilitating individualized learning between teachers and students while also creating a close-knit bond through student interactions. My most memorable moments include being a part of Student Council as a junior representative, co-writing and pursuing the female lead role in the school’s first crafted play, reminiscing the sweet memories in creating the school yearbook and best of all, actively involving myself in meaningful community volunteer work. I truly appreciate how easily the staff engaged us in active participation wherever opportunities arose.

During my J. Addison experience, I learnt to venture out of my comfort zone and initiate steps towards self-development, community-development and social-development with my peers. The wonderful people I met at J. Addison School have genuinely become my brothers and sisters in this journey of studying and exploring in Canada.”

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Ella from China

“As an immigrant from China, J. Addison had given me the emotional and educational supports; it felt like I was living at home. Even though J. Addison School is a small private school, its small size allowed me to receive full attention and guidance from the teachers. My English was not very good when I came to this school, but the teachers had helped me improve my English speaking and writing skills tremendously.

J. Addison School had successfully prepared and guided me to my dream school. After I finished my High School Education, I went to the University of Toronto, I double majored in Sociology and Media Studies. During my undergraduate years, I maintained a close connection with a few teachers at J. Addison School, they provided me with guidance even during my undergraduate years. Currently, I have received several offers from various Graduate Schools in Canada, and I will continue to pursue my dream as a teacher.”

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Daniel from Vietnam

“Moving to J. Addison School from a public high school was one of the best decisions that I have made in my education career so far. The school provided me with the necessary tools that really prepared me for university and which allowed me to fly while being in Wilfrid Laurier. The people that I’ve met at J. Addison School were incredible, they were all very talented individuals who had great minds, and most of all, they pushed me to work harder and harder every single day in order to achieve my goals of getting into a top business school in the country. I am very glad that I have picked J. Addison over other schools in the area, and if I had to make that decision again, without a doubt I would pick J. Addison School in a heartbeat. It was because of J. Addison School, I was able to pick the right school for myself and really become confident about my future. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me, I will not forget the school when I grow up.”

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Arash from the Middle East

“Thanks to all the teachers and staff of J. Addison School.  Thanks J. Addison for changing me into a good student. To my fellow graduates, I wish you the best in the years to come. ”

University Acceptance: York University
Personal Philosphy: "Whatever the future holds for me."

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Marcus from China

“I would like to say thank you to all of my classmates, you guys are a lot of fun. Also I would like to say thank you to the teachers of J. Addison for helping me to become successful in my academic studies. One of the major lessons I have learnt from the teachers is the importance of achieving your goals. I won’t forget what this school did for me, NEVER!!!!!”

University Acceptance: York University, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto
Personal Philosphy: “Dare to Dream.”

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Michael from Latin America

“I am thankful for everyone that I’ve spent my time with these two years at J. Addison School. I want to thank all the people I’ve laughed with, played with and spoke with. They’ve made my last two years of high school amazing, years that I will never forget.”

University Acceptance: York University, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto
Personal Philosphy: "Success is my only OPTION!!!!"

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