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J. Addison School

J. Addison School

nurturing tomorrow’s thinkers

Our Students' Success Is Our Success

7 Pillars of the Addison Advantage™

“What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a(n) human soul.”
— Joseph Addison (1672 – 1719)

At J. Addison School, from the Board of Directors, Administration team to the teachers and staff, we all have a shared vision of fostering educational philosophy. The 7 Pillars of the Addison Advantage® are the foundation that we build on, the standards that we abide by and the expectations that we thrive to exceed everyday. They are the key reasons of why we are different and why we are a leading K-12 private school in Canada.


Safe and Inclusive Learning Environment

We also embrace cultural and ethnic diversity to foster a harmonious and respectful learning atmosphere.

Effective “Focus For Success®” Adaptive Program

Our specially designed program provides students with opportunities and also the flexibility to develop new knowledge and explore ideas according to their interests and strengths. Most importantly, it allows them to realize and grow into their own potential.



Personalized Guidance and Care

We strive to connect with each and every one of our students. We dedicate the time to truly understand their individual needs; empowering them to set meaningful goals and guiding them through important developmental milestones.

Technology-integrated Methodologies

To supplement the traditional curriculum, our students learn with 21st century technology which enables better engagement, encourages interaction; thus, strengthening both teaching and learning processes.



Modern Resources and Facilities

Our school building is equipped with abundant resources and amenities, including a multi-sport gymnasium, science lab, art room, music room, dance studio, outdoor playground, year-round residence and more.

Transparent Parent-School Communications

We also embrace cultural and ethnic diversity to foster a productive and positive relationships with parents and guardians, we maintain regular contact through multiple means of communication and by increasing our reporting frequency throughout the school year.



Gateway to Higher Education

We assist and prepare our students from day one in working towards successful achievement of their post-secondary objectives. Our commitment to our students is one of the main reasons why J. Addison’s graduates have a 100% acceptance rate.

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