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J. Addison School

nurturing tomorrow’s thinkers

Consolidating Knowledge and Interests through the Joy of Learning

Elementary Program

At J. Addison School, our Elementary programs incorporate elements of the Reggio Emilia, Montessori and IB methods in the classroom combined with the highly enriched Ontario curriculum as our foundation. This combination provides a challenging academic environment, with a balanced approach towards the education of children. Our advanced curriculum is coupled with the development of social skills, character traits and personalized attention, while providing a secure and safe learning environment.

The Elementary Program follows the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum, in conjunction with the Reggio Emilia, Montessori and IB Methods of Education and Private School Standards. This method and its philosophy facilitates academic success that meets and surpasses the provincial standards. Along with a challenging curriculum, we have teachers who provide enrichment in the core subjects. Meanwhile, French, Music, Computers and Physical Education are taught by specialist teachers.

Consistent with the Reggio Emilia approach to education, our elementary and middle school programs incorporate a wide variety of creative and carefully developed concrete hands-on materials, which clarify abstract principles. Students progress from an understanding of facts and concepts to the development of abstract reasoning, critical thinking skills, and advanced problem solving skills.

Furthermore, our “Focus For Success®” adaptive program, or simply referred to as FFS, is also implemented into the general curriculum. This unique program provide extra valuable opportunities for our students to explore new talents and strengthen already learned skills through personalized support and extra-curricular activities; thus, adds another dimension to our students’ overall development. The FFS program takes place as the last class in our regular school schedule. For a more in depth look, please check out our “Focus For Success®” program here.

Highlights of Our Elementary Curriculum

  • The elementary curriculum covers a plethora of subject areas, including:
    • Technology
    • Creative Writing
    • Social Studies
    • The Arts (Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Arts)
    • Science
    • Physical Education
    • French
    • Reading
    • Music
    • Mathematics
    • Health
    • Learning Skills
  • To further student interest and learning, we pride ourselves in the manners in which we can facilitate learning. Through the use of a hands-on learning approach, many of our classes are supported through the use of manipulatives and student-led conferences.
  • In addition to classroom learning across all subject areas, students have the opportunity to participate in field trips and excursions to highlight and extend learning beyond the classroom. As well, we value the expertise of professionals in our community who we believe will add to our students’ overall learning through guest workshops and presentations.
  • The typical day begins with D.P.A. (Daily Physical Activity), which is a daily, 10-minute program designed to get students ready and alert for learning through physical movements to awaken muscle memory and coordination. Students then proceed to two morning classes, followed by an outdoor recess break (weather permitting). One more class proceeds before a 45-minute lunch in the school cafeteria with well-balanced hot lunch programs. Three classes follow before “Focus For Success®” program (FFS) which begins at 3:00pm. Students are dismissed at 4:00 pm daily.
  • J. Addison’s Elementary Program features a low teacher to student ratio of 1:15. This ensures students are receiving the highest level of attention and direction from teachers in order to be successful in their academic endeavours. Students have the opportunity to ask questions and teachers seek opportunities to provoke further learning from students. This low teacher to student ratio also ensures that there are no “back-row” learners. We strive to have all students continually engaged in class through rigorous and interactive learning, and support students who need help.
  • A low teacher to student ratio also allows for more individualized learning where we have the flexibility to not only able to provide extra support to students who are having difficulty with concepts, but also allow acceleration in the teachings of the Ontario curriculum when necessary. Students can be engaged through enhanced inquiry- and application-based learning, where most traditional school systems do not have the opportunities to do so.
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