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Character Development Education

At J. Addison we believe that character development nurtures the universal attributes upon which schools and communities find consensus. These attributes provide a standard for behavior against which we hold ourselves accountable. They permeate all that happens at J. Addison. They bind the J. Addison Learning Community together across the lines that often divide us in society. They form the basis of our relationships and of responsible citizenship. They are a foundation for excellence and equity in education, and for our vision of learning cultures and school communities that are respectful, safe, caring and inclusive. Excellence in education includes character development.

Through character, we find common ground. At J. Addison a quality education is more than academic achievement – it is about the development of the whole person. Character development, at J. Addison, is a whole school effort. All members of the school share the responsibility to model, teach and expect demonstrations of the universal attributes in all school, classroom and extracurricular activities.

At J. Addison we celebrate character development on a monthly basis. We encourage all members of the J. Addison Private School community to nominate an individual or group of individuals who exemplify the Virtue of the Month. These individual(s) are recognized at our monthly assemblies. Their picture(s) is displayed in our “Wall Of Honour”. Our monthly “Citizenship in Action” initiative engages students in volunteer activities, civic activities and social justice awareness.

Character Development Monthly Virtues

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