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Learn, Explore and Stay Active During the Summer Months

Summer Programs

At J. Addison, we believe education is an ongoing year-round activity, which brings fulfillment in one’s development. We keep the joy of learning and exploration very much alive during the Summer months (July and August), and we offer several summer programs that are tailored for different age groups.

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We run 2 sessions of Secondary School Credit Courses during the summer. The first session usually begins at the start of July and the second one around the start of August. Full day instructions from 9:30AM to 3:45PM with a lunch break in between.

F.A.Q. About Summer School:

1. How many credits can I take in summer school?
Either one full, two halves or reinforcement credits. The credit programme includes reinforcement credits for grades 9 to 12 and new credits for grades 9 to 12: reinforcement credit courses (55 hours) are open to students who have completed the same course during the regular school year, but have not obtained a passing grade on their final report card or wish to improve their mark.
Note that you must have achieved a minimum of mark of 35% in the courses during the regular school year. Otherwise, students in grades 10 to 12 must take the course again as a new credit, and grade 9 students will repeat the course as a full credit (110 hours).
New credit courses or accelerated courses (110 hours) are for students who have not previously studied the course or who do not have a final mark in the course above 35%. Since the course involves five (5) hours of study each day, you can take only one new credit course.

2. What are the prerequisites for summer school courses?
Prerequisites are the same as regular day school programmes. The specific eligibility requirements are listed under each programme description in Ministry of Education’s common course calendar. School guidance counsellors can help students determine if they are eligible for a course.

3. How do I withdraw from a summer school course?
Students wishing to withdraw from a course must contact the summer school office at the summer school location where they are registered. Students will not be reimbursed course fees once the summer school course begins.

4. Is there homework?
Yes. Summer school courses cover entire year’s work in a compressed period of time. Students must be prepared to allocate sufficient time to work at home every day. It is not advisable to pursue daily employment.

5. When are final report cards issued?
They will be issued on last day of the course after the examination review.

6. Is there a cost for textbooks?
Textbooks are provided for use during summer school at no cost. Students are responsible only for the replacement cost of lost, misplaced or damaged textbooks.

Other Important Information:

• The J. Addison Safe Schools Policy is in effect at all times.
• Every effort will be made to accommodate registrants, providing there is room.
• Students are required to pay fees for all courses.
• Summer School staff does not have access to students’ OSRs. Parents may wish to provide any pertinent educational information to the Principal that may help in supporting student success. i.e. transcripts.
• Students and their parents should be aware that summer school cannot be modified to accommodate family vacations and personal activities. Students are expected to be present on all evaluation days, to write final examinations and/or culminating activities as scheduled and to attend the last day of classes.
• A final report card will be issued at the end of the course. If the final examination is not written, the student will receive a ‘0’ mark for that evaluation.
• All marks will be forwarded to the student’s day school at the completion of summer school. If a student misses 2 classes he/she will be withdrawn from the course with a “0” mark.
• Students are advised that full disclosure procedures apply to all Grades 11 and 12 courses.
• For security reasons, students will be required to wear their I.D. badge at all times.
• We reserve the right to cancel classes due to inadequate participation.
• The Registration Form and the Waiver Form must be completed as required.

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Canada is renowned worldwide for its picturesque views of vast, untouched landscape and its unique blend of cultures. It is considered a major tourist destination and one of the world’s wealthiest countries, two major reasons why each year this country attracts so many visitors from around the world. J. Addison School features dynamic educational travel programs which cultivate Canadian cultural experiences for international students.

This summer, we are welcoming international students from a variety of different countries to spend 14 days with us in Canada. We are able to tailor to your student group’s needs by combining academic, touristic and cultural activities.

For further inquiries, please contact an Admissions Officer for more information. Contact us here.

Applications are now OPEN.

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We are excited to launch our Summer Sports Day Camp.  For campers age 8 to 17, our program offers young learners with the opportunity to continue being active over the summer or learn the skills of various sports including soccer, volleyball, floor hockey, badminton, basketball and more. This year’s Summer Camp program is sports focused but there will be other fun/academics activities in the mornings/afternoons such as Science Experiments, Arts and Crafts, etc.

Do register soon as there is limit of 20 campers per group capacity. This is a first come first enrollment registration. Once application form is approved, we will be contacting you for payment.


Question 1:  What is the Summer Camp age group?

Answer 1: There are two Summer Camp age groups: Group A is between the ages of 8 and 12 years old, and Group B is between the ages of 13 and 17 years old.

Question 2: What is the Summer camp cost and is there an early bird discount?

Answer 2: The early bird summer camp cost is $375 per week per camper and the August Civic holiday week will be $340 per week per camper.  Then, after March 31st, 2024, the price will increase to $425 per week per camper and August Civic holiday week will be $385 per week per camper.  It is a mandatory camp of two-week programs. To avoid disappointment, please register as soon as possible since we have a limit of 20 campers per group capacity as this is a first come first enrolled registration.

Question 3:  Does the Camp cost include lunch?

Answer 3:  No.  J. Addison School provides a hot lunch meal in our Café every day for the cost of $50 per week. However the camper can choose to bring their own nut free lunch.

Question 4: Which weeks are the Summer camp program offered and what are the hours?

Answer 4:  The camp will run on the following 6 weeks (grouped in 2 consecutive weeks: Camp A, Camp B and Camp C) from 9am to 4pm:

Camp A:  weekdays from July 8th to July 19th, 2024

Camp B:  weekdays from July 22th to August 2nd, 2024

Camp C:  (August 5th is Civic Holiday) weekdays from August 6th to August 16th, 2024

Question 5:  Do you have extended care and what is the cost?

Answer 5: The extended care hours are Before Care (from 8:30am to 9:00am), and After Care (from 4:00pm to 5:00pm). The extended cost is $80 per week per camper, or $20 per day per camper.

Question 6:  Do you separate the boys and girls? Are the campers separated according to their sports skills and levels?

Answer 6:  No, there is no separate boys and girls group. This is a development program with a low ratio so campers will be working on progressing their own levels in a team environment.

Question 7:  Is there any other activities beside sports?

Answer 7: Yes, there will be other fun/academics activities in the mornings/afternoons such as Science Experiments, Arts and Crafts, etc.

Download the application form HERE.

Take advantage of our Early Bird Special! Get a special discount if you apply before March 31, 2024!

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