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Focus For Success™

“Focus For Success™” Program (FFS)

One of the most unique advantages of studying at J. Addison School is our “Focus For Success®” program (FFS). Our daily school schedule* takes on the 5-period format, with the final period being a multi-subject instructional “FFS” period. The FFS program aims at complementing the traditional curriculum, and providing our students with different opportunities and channels in order to receive a well-rounded educational experience. In essence, the 5th period was created to support learning in the other four periods. Thus, as we put it,

“it all comes together in the 5th…that’s the Addison Advantage™”!

The additional 5th period is the perfect way for us to deliver extra personalized academic SUPPORT. It also acts as an effective means of bringing students together and provides them with a more relaxed and SOCIABLE environment to acquire new skills.  The many extra-curricular activities that take place at this time give students the chance to explore new interests. The interactions gained from participating in team-based sports and group projects will foster their CHARACTER BUILDING to be more equipped to face challenging real world situations.

“Focus For Success®” is an adaptable educational approach which we successfully implement to ENRICH students’ school life and to inspire CREATIVITY in our students so they will gain confidence through SELF-DISCOVERY and feel UPLIFTED in a guided and encouraging learning environment.

According to the needs, abilities and academic plans of the individual student, he/she will participate in one or more of the following activities determined by the Guidance Team, during the “Focus For Success®” period:

Academic Support

  • Extra Guidance: Teachers are stationed in classrooms to answer questions and facilitate the completion of homework.
  • Small Group Study: Available for all subjects. Students are divided into small groups where they review class work with peers who require similar needs so as to encourage learning and improve comprehension.
  • English Training: ESL programs, IELTS language test preparations, and additional written and comprehension strengthening exercises are included.
  • Personalized Tutoring: One-on-One tutoring can be arranged for those who need extra help.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Some of the activities typically arranged for J. Addison students include:

  • Team-based sports
  • Martial Arts
  • Yoga
  • Music/band
  • Dance
  • Art/Photography
  • Radio Show
  • Student Council
  • Year Book Committee
  • Volunteering

*The FFS Period is mandatory for all Elementary and Secondary students.

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