Partnership with York University to Create Pathway Program for J. Addison Graduates

Since 2017, J. Addison has been partnering with York University to provide a Pathway Program for our international graduates who would like to attend York University. The program is designed with our international students in mind and is tailored to their specific needs when transitioning from high school to university. At J. Addison, we work closely with every one of our students and understand the many challenges and struggles they face every day. Particularly for those who are far away from home, going from high school to university could be as exciting as it is overwhelming. We are especially excited to be able to provide such a valuable Pathway Program to our graduates, so they know they will have the support and guidance from us together with the tremendous resources from the prestigious York University as they ease into their post-secondary life and beyond.

Scholarships are available to all J. Addison graduating students who’d like to pursue a post-secondary education at York University. For more details about this program and how to enroll at J. Addison School, please Contact Us.