J. Addison Recent Graduate Profiles

Our graduates came from different parts of the world with starkly different academic and developmental needs. At J. Addison, we offer a robust educational framework which students can adhere to easily but also offers the flexibility that they can shape their high school experience the way they want it to be.

This is made possible by incorporating our Focus For Success® adaptive program into traditional curriculum. FFS provides a wide range of opportunities for students to explore interests and develop new skills, may they be academic-driven, social-driven, athletic-driven, leadership-driven, art-driven, or a combination of them all.

J. Addison is where students’ dreams are acknowledged and potentials are realized. We are proud to be nurturing our tomorrow’s thinkers and starting them on the path to success.

Class of 2017

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Meet Some of Our Outstanding 2017 Graduates:

Emosa Xu from China

Awards Received: “Salutatorian” and “Academic Excellence in Business”
Destination: York University, Schulich School of Business (BBA)

Emosa has always enjoyed being a leader. She was a school monitor and was in different leadership roles of numerous student groups and clubs in her previous school. It came as no surprise that when she attended J. Addison, she ran for the President of Student Council, and won decisively due to her impressive resume. As a boarder since Grade 11, she was also part of the Residence Leadership Team, organizing engaging cultural events for her fellow dorm mates. This goes without saying that her favorite school activity was our annual Leadership Camp, from which she had learned the importance of teamwork and gained valuable skills in group management. “My dream is to become a successful business leader like my mother,” says Emosa, “she’s definitely my role model and I want to follow in her footsteps.”

Understanding fully that having the right connections is key to business success, she has been working very hard to get into the top Canadian business schools not only for their world-class education, but most importantly, the opportunities to tap into their incredible international networks. Since coming to J. Addison, her favorite teachers Mr. Mikhael (Business) and Mr. G (Economics) had helped her immensely in expanding her knowledge and also consolidating her interests in these subjects; further giving her the confidence and assurance that this is the right path for her. She was overjoyed when she found out that she was offered acceptance into not only 1 but 4 top business schools. She was also a recipient of the exclusive scholarship from York University, as a result of our Pathway Program partnership.

Nikan Afshar from Iran

Awards Received: “The Citizenship Award” and “Academic Excellence in Mathematics”
Destination: Ryerson University, Computer Science (Co-op)

Nikan has travelled to many countries in the world, from Turkey to Australia to Netherlands but in the end he still chose Canada to be the place to further his education. “Canada is the most multicultural country in the world. It has a high quality of education with many good universities,” remarks Nikan, “and to me, it’s no doubt the best country among all the ones I have visited.”

With the goal of getting into the best university in Canada, other than focused on getting good grades, he also took advantage of the many opportunities to learn more about Canadian universities by attending university fairs, presentations at J. Addison and talking to alumni. Like many students, he thought U of T would most likely be the choice, but he eventually realized that Ryerson University has the most suitable program for him to achieve his long term career plan -- he wants to combine his passions for computer programming and business to start his own gaming company.

During his time at J. Addison, he has already begun developing his exceptional organizational and leadership skills by having to balance demanding Grade 12 school work with the responsibilities of being a Student Council member. Outside of academics, Nikan is a karateka who currently has a black belt. He competed and won numerous medals, including gold in the nationals, bronze and silver in the World Championships representing his home country of Iran. Resonating from his karate experience, he lives by the motto: “Better to fight for something than live for nothing.”

Michael Le Duong from Hong Kong/Vietnam

Awards Received: “Valedictorian” and “Academic Excellence in Science”
Destination: University of Waterloo, Biochemistry (Co-op)

Just a couple of years ago, Michael would not have imagined that he would graduate high school as the Valedictorian with multiple early university acceptance offers, and be studying biochemistry at University of Waterloo with a scholarship. Michael never doubted his potential, but he also never got the right push and support until he came to J. Addison. When he began as a shy Grade 11 student, he knew it was his chance to step up so he determined to try new things, especially those that feared him most, like public speaking. With the encouragement from Ms. Ngan, our Head of Guidance, he took on the daily announcement duty as his first step to overcome his fear. Soon after, he was the student speaker at pretty much every school event.

Michael grew up spending a lot of time waiting at hospitals due to his health. It was during these seemingly inopportune times that he became fascinated with the “hows” and “whys” behind living things; thus, his interests in science, especially biology. “Be resilient and be able to adapt to what you have, and you’ll be able to turn problems into opportunities,” speaks Michael from his personal experience and advice he is eager to share and live by everyday. As a science student, Michael appreciated how his teachers taught him how to think and not to simply memorize information. The small class sizes provided him with many precious hands-on experiment time for exploration. While it’s still early to know whether he wants to go into the pharmaceutical industry, medicine or scientific research, he is very excited and truly happy that he has finally found his path.

Sefera Gebrekidan from Ethiopia

Awards Received: “J. Addison Flames Award”
Destination: George Brown College, Marketing

Sefera is a person full of positive spirit and determination. “No matter the odds, believe in what you are doing and make sure you work hard for your goals,” advocates Sefera. When she planned to prepare herself for university life, she knew that she needed to learn to be independent and to take on real responsibilities. Also already speaking three languages, experiencing life in another country seemed like the natural next step so she decided to leave home and study abroad in Canada. She took matters into her own hands, completed the whole process all by herself from school research to admission application, and became one of the selected few J. Addison scholarship students.

She is looking to pursue a career in the fields of Marketing/Business, working towards having her own business one day. Nevertheless, all she wants ultimately is to make enough money so her father can retire and they can live peacefully together in Canada. It is because of this goal she kept pushing herself to stay focused whenever she felt discouraged or when she could barely stay awake to study because of the 4-hour commute (2 hours each way) to school that she had to make every day. The close-knit community and the strong connection she has established with her teachers also played a huge role in her accomplishment at J. Addison. It was their invaluable support and encouragement that have motivated her to never give up and keep applying herself to her best abilities. During her time at J. Addison, Sefera dedicated herself to serving the school community as an active Student Council member and also to making a difference by helping others to succeed as an English tutor in the Tutoring program.

Margaret Ng from Canada

Awards Received: “Valedictorian”, “Outstanding Academic Achievement Award” and “Academic Excellence in English”
Destination: University of Toronto, Humanities

Margaret was born in Toronto but she didn’t get to experience Canadian life until she came to J. Addison in 2015 as a boarding student. The biggest challenge at first was getting used to the differences in lifestyle and the school curriculum. Margaret came from a much more rigid system where students don’t get to choose their subjects, and the Ontario system actually encourages students to do so. This flexibility came as a surprise to her but she soon grew to embrace this opportunity because it allowed her to focus on studying what truly interested her: History, Literature and Humanity. “My favorite book is ”A Kite Runner” from my Grade 12 English class,” says Margaret, “because it is based in Afghanistan and has led me into a culture which was completely unknown to me.”

At school, she dedicated her time serving as the Communications Officer on Student Council, organizing fun and engaging events for her fellow schoolmates. She was also part of the Tutoring program, offering extra help to other students in English and History, and volunteered regularly at local library reading to young children. The satisfaction she has gotten out of teaching others has inspired her to pursue a career in education. Getting accepted into U of T, with a full scholarship, was more than just achieving her goals, it signifies a promising and important step forward towards fulfilling her dreams. There is no wonder that her favorite quote is, from B. B. King, “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

Ronnie Lin from Hong Kong

Destination: University of Toronto, Studies in Management (Co-op)

Attracted by the metropolitan energy of the City of Toronto, Ronnie moved to Toronto from Vancouver to attend J. Addison School. He began as a Grade 10 boarding student and it didn’t take long for him to become an integral part of the student community. That year, he received his first award, an Outstanding Student Life Award, for his active participation and contributions. On top of enjoying getting competitive at dodgeball and badminton tournaments, he is also an avid cyclist. Ronnie biked to school everyday when he moved off campus and also ventured on long distance biking trips such as a week-long trip from Toronto to Quebec City.

Since his first visit to University of Toronto as a Grade 7 student, Ronnie knew right away that is where he wanted to pursue his higher education. What he didn’t know then was the area he wanted to further his studies in. “Thanks to Mr. Mikhael who has opened up the world of business to me,” says Ronnie. “Since I took my first class with him, which was Accounting, even though it was very boring, I became very intrigued by the subject matter and continued to take every single Business-related class taught by Mr. Mikhael. My Grade 12 Business and Leadership class was definitely my favorite.” As much as he enjoyed Mr. Mikhael’s classes, ‘pie-ing’ his favorite teacher (two years in a row) at our Annual “Pie The Teacher” fundraiser, without a doubt, topped Ronnie’s most memorable moments at JAS. Having graduated as an Ontario Scholar, Ronnie is proud to have reached his goals, and he looks forward to seeing what life will bring as he attends his dream university.