J. Addison Recent Graduate Profiles

Our graduates came from different parts of the world with starkly different academic and developmental needs. At J. Addison, we offer a robust educational framework which students can easily adhere to, but also provides the flexibility with which our students can shape their high school experience the way they want it to be.

This is made possible by incorporating our Focus For Success® adaptive program into traditional curriculum. FFS provides a wide range of opportunities for students to explore interests and develop new skills, whether they be academic-driven, social-driven, athletic-driven, leadership-driven, art-driven, or a combination of them all.

J. Addison is where students’ dreams are acknowledged and potentials are realized. We are proud to be nurturing our tomorrow’s thinkers and starting them on the path to success.

Class of 2018

Achievement Highlights

Post-Secondary Destinations


Meet Some of Our Outstanding 2018 Graduates: