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Dear Bio 12 class;

Please keep in your attention that your Metabolism unit test (Unit II) will be held online next TUESDAY, MARCH 31st, 2020 @ 9:00 am exactly and it extends till 10:15 am according to the time in Markham,Ontario (I chose that early time since some of the class members are back to China with a time difference of 12 hours) . The test will be held online through Audio/Video app. (you need to download free zoom app on your computer then on, on the assigned time I will send you an email invitation with the meeting ID and password).

Please try to be there on time, since I will not be able to wait for the late ones.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Option #2

If you cannot access google classroom


These materials are for one week of study. The assignment and the lab included are due next Thursday March 26, 2020. other Files are:

1- For study: Power Point, Videos, Notes

2- Homework Worksheets

3- Assignment, Dry Lab: Due Thursday March 26th, send it to me via email –

DNA Replication PPT Lesson

DNA Replication Worksheet

DNA Replication notes

DNA Structure notes

DNA Replication Overview and Assignment #1

DNA Replication Assignment #2

DNA Dry Lab

DNA Replication Diagram


DNA Replication #1

DNA Replication #2

DNA Replication #3 (NEW)