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To All HHS 4U Students,

Hi everyone and I hope everyone is healthily and safe. At this point we are half way through the course. Staring Monday April 6, 2020 we will move towards Unit 3: Couple Relationships.

As of today all assignments are due. Please submit them as soon as possible for mid-term report cards. Do not wait until the last minute due to the needed time for marking. I like to thank those students who have submitted their assignments.

If you are having challenges in completing the assignment or any other concerns, please email me directly I will check for any messages frequently throughout the day. I look forward from hearing from you. Be healthy and stay safe.

Ms. Hum

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Week 1

HHS4U Instructions & Lessons Please Read!

Week 2

Chapter 5 Issues in Emerging Adulthood Student

HHS 4U Week 2 Unit 2 Chapter 5

Week 3

HHS4U Week 3

Week 4 & 5


Chapter 7


Week 6

HHS 4U Week 6

Week 7

HHS 4U Week 7

Week 8

HHS 4U Week 8 Chapter 10 Becoming Parents


ISU Topics

HHS 4U Are You Ready to Parent Questionare

Week 9

HHS 4U Week 9 (May 11-15, 2020)

HHS 4U Unit 4 Attachment Theory Assignment

HHS 4U Unit 5 Course Culminating Assignment