Final Assessments for J. Addison Secondary Students

Due to the unprecedented situation of school closures and given the Ministry announcement that examination days will be transitioned into instructional days, it has been decided that final assessments in the form of examinations will not take place this semester. Culminating assignments/tasks will be assigned instead. The official end to the J. Addison academic year is June 12, 2020.

  1. Those  courses that had a final exam worth 30% of the final mark worth 30% of the final mark will now have a culminating performance task (CPT) worth 30% which will take into account the circumstances at hand and will not be extraneous in nature.
  2. Those courses that had an existing split between exam and a CPT will increase the value of the CPT to 30% – extra components will not be added to the existing CPT.

Teachers will inform students directly regarding the culminating assignments/tasks for their courses in the coming weeks.



Deputy minister of education important ANNOUNCEMENTS

 The Ontario Minister of Health continues to reinforce social/physical distancing measures and has limited gatherings to groups of five.

  1. The Ministry of Education has also announced that the 40 Hours of Community Service requirement for our Grade 12 students is waived.
  2. The requirement to issue mid-year (March/April) Report Cards for all secondary students, including graduating students, is suspended for this school year. However, teachers will continue to submit midterm marks for all students. Midterm marks will also be sent to Colleges and Universities for Graduating (Grade 12) students.
  3. For our Grade 12 students the OSSLT (Literacy Test) are no longer required.

In closing I ask all students to continue follow our online program and remember to turn in all your assignment in on time.

Regards and Best Wishes

Mr. Lee Venditti


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